Use in landscape mode

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Hello, the app is very good but on my bike my phone is on landscape mode and it’s very hard to use. Please check.

Thank you for your work. Éric

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Device: OnePlus - KB2003 - Android: 13 - WebView: 113.0.5672.131
App-Version: 3.0.9 - 1062
Screen: 360 x 800 px - 3dppx

Hi Eric, you’ll have to be much more detailed than that. What exactly is hard to use? What would you improve? Is the text too small? Too large? Do you need any new information on screen that is not there yet? Or less information?

Hello Patrick,

The menu is not scrollable.

You can’t easily access the different items like in portrait mode.

In landscape mode, the screen is divided into 2 parts and the left side does not scroll up. It is difficult to enter the start and destination locations.

Maybe it’s my phones (I have 2 that use your app, one to prepare my route, the second on the bike).

I hope I made myself clear enough.

Have a great day, and thanks again for your work.


Are you using an app to force the screen into landscape? It is possible to overwrite the default behaviour of the app, which is in planning mode, it only works in portrait.

No. I don’t use any app that forces the screen to landscape mode.

And still you can use the route planning in landscape?

This is happening on our “OnePlus - KB2003”? Or also on other devices?

No, I cannot use the route planner, which is on the left side of the screen, in landscape mode. I can’t reach easely the areas to be filled in. I can only fill in the destination.

This happens on 2 different phones.

It’s a shame because the app has some nice routes and the journey is easy to set up.

The app seems better than Osmand I think. Easier to use. Only the speed cameras are missing.

See known limitations of the current beta app:

There is no landscape for smartphones.
Beta for the new Kurviger App [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

I understand.

I just answered to this in the phone menu : “[Describe your problem, please try to provide as much information as possible]”.

This is just a feedback.

But if it’s not possible to use it in landscape mode, no worries, I’ll use another GPS.
On my BMW R1200GS the phone holder is in landscape mode. No choice.

Have a nice day.

Navigation is working well in landscape mode already.
It is just the planning that is not yet working in landscape.

I am confident, that this will be added in the future.

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I agree. I’m confident too.

Could you please provide the phone models?

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If you do not want to wait, you can already use the K3 in landscape mode with the app Rotation Control, except for a few functions.

:+1: I’ll try this.

Is it the “Rotation control” app done by “Infotech” or “HDM Dev team” ?

I use Rotation Control Pro from HDM

Warum kann ich die App auf meinem Samsung S23 nicht ins Querformat drehen lassen?
hab Version 3.1.0 - 1331

Hallo und weil es noch nicht unterstützt wird. Querformat geht aktuell nur in der Navigationsansicht. Es soll aber noch kommen, Wenn es dich aktuell sehr stört, kannst du auch eine App nutzen, die Kurviger ins Querformat zwingt wie z.B. Rotation Control pro

Okay, danke für die Info.
Eigentlich scho a weng schade so a Funktion noch nicht integriert zu haben…

Kann man schon sagen, ob es die Planung im Querformat demnächst geben wird?

Alternativ würde ich übergangsweise die genannte App Rotation Control nutzen.

Kannst du benennen, welche Einschränkungen das sind?

Oder gibt es mittlerweile alternative Lösungen?

Also demnächst™ ist ja ein dehnbarer Begriff. Das sollte schon auf absehbare Zeit kommen. Die nächsten Wochen vermutlich nicht.

Wir haben das bewusst deaktiviert. Ich würde das auch nicht empfehlen. Die Ansicht ist noch nicht für Smartphones optimiert. Manche Dinge wirst du nicht richtig verwenden können und es macht eher keinen Spaß.