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Uploading videos and other files?



are there any limitations to upload files?

  • file type
  • file size

e.g. if I want to show a video, what procedure would you prefer.
Upload the video to some video platform like youtube and post the link here?
Or would it be ok to post short (what size) videos here in the forum.



Yes, only a few selected file types can be uploaded to the forum. In general the forum is currently limited to photos, route files, and spreadsheets. If you click on the upload button it shows a list of the allowed files.

There is a limit as well. I think it’s 4MB.

Yes Youtube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Vimeo, or any service like this would be preferred :slight_smile:. Aside from the size of these files, the forum doesn’t have a video player (AFAIK), so people would end up downloading the file.