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Updates / corrections of documentation for Kurviger 2 necessary!

By chance I found following sentence in documentation:

"Offline maps are only available for Kurviger Pro …"

Source for misunderstandings!

Obviously necessary to update documentation with respect to Kurviger 2!

The “Kurviger Pro” term can mean:

  • Kurviger Pro subscription (in Kurviger 2 app)

  • Kurviger 1 Pro app

Text in Guide for the app is updated to Kurviger 2.x since some hours ago :slightly_smiling_face:. Only pictures are still from Kurviger 1.x. Pictures and according text will be updated in the next weeks.

Please have a look to it. It is with respect to 2.x (and a little bit to 1.x). Perhaps you can give some advice to improve some passages. Feedback is welcome.


Accepted, BUT
Within app (Version 2), the designation “Pro” does not appear - no source of misunderstanding in documentation?

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It appears in the subscriptions page.

And in free mode, all unavailable functions are marked as (Pro).

Yes, I know:
BUT after subscription it does not appear again, and I guess most users don’t think anymore about it (like me) and therefore are not aware of this designation when reading the documentation?!

And the unavailable functions are not present, exactly if you use the 2 Pro version! :laughing:

This is not a crucial topic - more a hint to have a look to the documentation again - what Walter obviously already had! :+1:t4:

More like he wrote it and continues to maintain it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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