Updated *.itn Export

We just updated the *.itn export. The new export contains a couple improvements, including a massive speed up, regarding the time required to generate the *.itn file. Please don’t hesitate to let us know, if something doesn’t work as expected with the new export.

Wir haben den *.itn Export aktualisiert. Der neue Export bietet viele Verbesserung, inklusive einer merklichen Verkürzung der Generierungszeit. Bitte gebt uns Bescheid, falls Probleme mit dem neuen *.itn Export auftreten.

Hi Robin,

thanks for your continuing effort to continuously improve kurviger! In fact it may be helpful for the user to have really named route points instead of simply counted ones.

One small wish on that behalf, though: Could you name the target point in an accordingly sensible manner, instead of the uniform “Ziel erreicht”? This would help a lot if one want to “recycle” the target point in another situation, like testing a new route without GPS reception (as in a building): In that case the start point must be given (to the Tomtom Urban Rider at least) in order to create the route, e.g. for counterchecking. And one of the options is to use one of the last route targets for that. If they are all named “Ziel erreicht” it is pure guesswork which one to take.

Just a suggestion: Name the target point of a route according to the route’s own name given by the exporter, like “End of Feierabendtour” if the desired name if the ITN was “Feierabendtour”

Kind regards,

Interesting point Petra, I wasn’t aware of that. I will have a look. Thanks for the suggestion.

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