Unterschiedliche Strecke auf Android und IOS

Tach zusammen,
kann mir jemand sagen, warum eine exportierte Route auf IOS anders als auf Android angezeigt wird? wir haben 1 IOS und 1 Android, und es ist sehr nervig unterschiedliche Routen zu haben. Auf IOS is die App “Scenic” und auf Android “Kurviger pro”
haben wir da verkehrte Apps geladen?
Danke für eure Hilfe
Wolfgang & Helene

Do you create the route on the website and then export it on Android and iOS?
How do you export the route? Can you give an example?

For Scenic, have you contacted their forum?

I create the route on the website, and the app - in the appstore when i call kurviger - only shows me scenic, i cant find a kurvigerpro app for ios

and i just exportet it, i cant choose between ios and android at the export

On the website you clicked the marked button

then a window opens:

what did you select to export to scenic?

what did you select to export a *.kurviger or a *.gpx file?

Did you read the docu DE: Routenübertragung (Import, Export) [Kurviger Knowledgebase] ?
EN: Route Transfer (Import, Export) [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

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i select a gpx

you don’t give really fine info. There is more to consider. Therefore I recommend to read the docu linked earlier. There you find nearly all answers to your questions.

Hy Walter, sorry for not reading the instructions, do i have to export a kurviger file? does this work better like we wish?
I will read the instructions in future before i ask you here, but thanks for your help

On the Android device with the Kurviger App the kurviger-format works better. To know this it is not necessary to repeat the content of the docu, when it’s possible to read the docu. And as written before most of your questions you don’t need to ask when reading the docu and try to undestand. Sorrowly there are difficulties when transferring routes from one system to an other system. And sorrowly it is not possible to describe this only in few words. Don’t give up. With some practices it will work :slightly_smiling_face:!

There is also documentation specifically for import on iOS.