Unstable, shaking screen

Before I buy the app I’m trying to learn how to use the free limited version. My main concern is the unstable screen. It shakes all over the place like a crazy wiper of an old car. The road ahead could be pointing to the west of my screen one second and north east a second later. Sometimes it flips from side to side so badly I cannot even read the directing of the next turn.

I’m pretty sure there is a setting I’m missing.

Your help most appreciated.

Please write your device and Android specifications.
Also what exactly you do in app and see this result?

Opening the app for the first time everything should be stable.

Have you activated any button or changed any option in app settings?
(you can reset all options by clearing the app data in Android settings)

Have you enabled the follow location mode (long press location button)?
You can disable map rotation in follow location mode (press compass).

Or try another location provider in “Settings | Location | Location service”.

Thank you for swift reply.

Google pixel 1 Android 10.

Yes upon opening the app it is all nice and stable. Problem arises when it is in follow location mode after I set an end point. It seems the app is relying on internal hardware because it wobbles left to right and gets worse when I hit a pot hole. On the other mode screen is stable however it does not point to my direction of travel.

What option have you selected in map orientation (press compass) in follow location mode?

Have you tried another location provider in “Settings | Location | Location service”?

The compass can be unstable depending on sensor quality and other interference.

And the compass may need calibration, see the documentation.

drücke mal den Kompass und stell Bewegungsrichtung 2d ein.
bzw. ohne geladene Route GPS2D nicht Kompass-xx.
Scheinbar folgt die Kartenbewegung dem Gerätekompass und nicht dem GPS Signal!?

@devemux86 es gibt noch einen Schreibfehler in der APP: auf deutsch richtig “Orientierung” nicht Orienterung.

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Thanks, I will update it.

Thank you for all the feedback. I am pleased to say that I have now got it working as it should be. I change the compass to GPS2D and is working perfectly.

I reported earlier that when doing so the map did not point ahead of you but remained on the compass. This I believe happened because the phone GPS had not connected to the satellites.

It’s a beautiful application which I will definitely buy.

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Thanks for the additional information.

So it was the compass that caused the issues?

The compass can be unstable depending on sensor quality and other interference.
And mobile compass may need calibration. See the documentation for some help.

Yes correct, it is the compass making the screen waving left to right. I did indeed recalibrated my compass and to make sure it was calibrated well I temporarily downloaded two compass apps from Google play, both showing a very stable needle pointing to the north. However, on compass mode the screen remained unstable.

I have now purchased Kurviger and looking forward to use it on my first motorbike outing. Great app.