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Unpaved Roads

Dear Kurviger Programmers,

I just signed up for the Abo of Tourer and during planning of a Tour I got the warning that one part migth be an unpaved road. The Tourer Abo also includes a Filter to avoid unpaved Roads.

As I am an Adventure Rider, I am of course interested to learn about unpaved Roads, hence cant you add a filter and invert it, so that we get a Filter that avoid normal roads if possible and instead just highlight unpaved ones.

Or from a given Starting point select a Diameter of e.g. 100 Km and show all unpaved roads or a rountrip with majority of unpaved track and roads.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Oh yes it would be interesting to be able to choose unpaved roads as priorities, then curvy, less curvy, etc.

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Thanks for the proposal. Improvements in the area of offroad route planning are on the long term list, right now there is no option for this unfortunately.

As a Kurviger Tourer you could try a setting like:

  • Extra Curvy
  • Avoid Highways
  • Avoid Main Roads (use the highest strength - 5)

That should already result in routes on small roads and potentially unpaved (especially in less populated countries).

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In an area of the Catalan Pyrenees there is an easy track from Espinavell to Setcases.

If I want to do the route Camprodon - Espinavell - Setcases it makes me go down the road despite having put the right route properties.

If I put shapepoints 2 and 3 on the track it works.

Camprodon - Setcases 1.kurviger (7.2 KB)

Deleting them does not work. :weary:

Camprodon - Setcases 2.kurviger (12.1 KB)

You have selected “avoid unpaved”.
In OSM the road Way: ‪Camí de Setcases a Espinavell‬ (‪156623717‬) | OpenStreetMap is tagged as unpaved.

Without “avoid unpaved” Kurviger routes with the help of a single shaping point.


Okay, but if I say to avoid highways and avoid major roads I think it should go straight the track without having to put a shaping point, right?

There are many factors that are considered in this case. I agree that for planning mostly unpaved roads it should use that track, but right now, there is feature for that yet :slight_smile: