Unpaved Roads

Dear Kurviger Programmers,

I just signed up for the Abo of Tourer and during planning of a Tour I got the warning that one part migth be an unpaved road. The Tourer Abo also includes a Filter to avoid unpaved Roads.

As I am an Adventure Rider, I am of course interested to learn about unpaved Roads, hence cant you add a filter and invert it, so that we get a Filter that avoid normal roads if possible and instead just highlight unpaved ones.

Or from a given Starting point select a Diameter of e.g. 100 Km and show all unpaved roads or a rountrip with majority of unpaved track and roads.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Oh yes it would be interesting to be able to choose unpaved roads as priorities, then curvy, less curvy, etc.

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Thanks for the proposal. Improvements in the area of offroad route planning are on the long term list, right now there is no option for this unfortunately.

As a Kurviger Tourer you could try a setting like:

  • Extra Curvy
  • Avoid Highways
  • Avoid Main Roads (use the highest strength - 5)

That should already result in routes on small roads and potentially unpaved (especially in less populated countries).

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In an area of the Catalan Pyrenees there is an easy track from Espinavell to Setcases.

If I want to do the route Camprodon - Espinavell - Setcases it makes me go down the road despite having put the right route properties.

If I put shapepoints 2 and 3 on the track it works.

Camprodon - Setcases 1.kurviger (7.2 KB)

Deleting them does not work. :weary:

Camprodon - Setcases 2.kurviger (12.1 KB)

You have selected “avoid unpaved”.
In OSM the road Way: ‪Camí de Setcases a Espinavell‬ (‪156623717‬) | OpenStreetMap is tagged as unpaved.

Without “avoid unpaved” Kurviger routes with the help of a single shaping point.


Okay, but if I say to avoid highways and avoid major roads I think it should go straight the track without having to put a shaping point, right?

There are many factors that are considered in this case. I agree that for planning mostly unpaved roads it should use that track, but right now, there is feature for that yet :slight_smile:

THis is exactly what I am looking for as well.

I am an ADV rider and want to avoid all paved roads! I wrote an overpassapi query that works pretty well and you can see it in action on a umap I created here:


The reason why I would subscribe to the app is to have the ability to see and exploit unpaved roads to use them, not avoid them.

Is this in the works since this message has been posted?

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So far there are no news on this :slight_smile:.