Unpaved road on FV705 in Norway

FV705 near Brekken in Norway is marked as “unpaved road” on three sections, but on Google street view, it can be seen that it is a paved road.

I have corrected the sections in Open Street Map, they should soon no longer be labelled as gravel.

You often find this in Norway.
You’re looking forward to some off-road, put some Heidenau K60 Rangers on the rims and then it’s just paved :wink:

Thanks a lot! Which app do you recommend for editing OSM? I guess anyone can do this, right?

I am, but my group isn’t - some due to surgery, some due to chrome…

Would K60 survive the long drive to Norway or would it wear down quickly on paved roads?

You can open OSM by right-clicking on the Kurviger map. If you log in to OSM, you can make changes yourself.

The K60 Scout has an enormous service life, 15,000 km at the rear is normal, a little less at the front. The K60 Ranger doesn’t last that long, with me and my Africa Twin it was 5300 km. The Anakee wild lasted just as long, the Mitas E07 about 10,000 km.

In France a tyre doesn’t last as long as in Norway, the asphalt in Nor is really okay.

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