Unintended "potentially closed road" - how to solve?


Kurviger shows a road segment (length ~800m) as potentially closed.

Technically this might be correct, but nevertheless is unintended:
In winter both directions are lead through the avalanche gallery, only in summer the lanes outside the gallery are used. So you can use the road the whole year.

Therefore it is not useful to show it as potentially closed.
Has anyone any idea how to solve that?
I think, removing the conditiinal access tag from the road is the wrong way!

Thanks for reporting this. Unfortunately, this is quite difficult to fix.

The data seems correct. Kurviger is showing the data correctly. My first initial response would be, that this is not easily fixable.

You can place a shaping point on the road with the gallery :slight_smile: - Kurviger (not really a solution, but at least you won’t see the closure)

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I fully agree

Hmmm - that might lead to some misleading turn directions (in summer the avalanche gallery is closed).

Nevertheless: Thanks for feedback!

You could also use the beeline to skip this part, other than that, I don’t have any real ideas :slight_smile:

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Thats a really good idea. Thanks!

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