Unable to create a new route without internet connection


I’m a new user of the Kurviger Pro app.
I have problems creating new routes.
I use the Kurviger pro app and installed it on a android GPS. I downloaded the maps of the countries that I need and installed them on an SD card.
So far so good.
When I am still at home I can create a route without problems ( because i have internet ??? )
But when I am on the road and want to create a new route, then the problems starts. I get a message that there is no internet connection. ( I do not have a SIM card in my GPS. )
Is this normal ? Do you need that internet connection ? Is there a way to get this working without that connection ,

Hopefully someone can help me with this.


As far as i know only a route recalculation is possible when leaving the route without internet connection. I think a route planning is only possible with existing internet connection.

Soweit ich weiß ist ohne Internetverbindung nur eine Routenneuberechung beim Verlassen der Route möglich. Eine Routenplanung ist denke ich nur mit bestehender Internetverbindung möglich.

Please see the offline routing guide (BRouter or GraphHopper).

Can enable offline routing in “Settings | Routing | Routing service”.

Kurviger routing is online and needs internet connection.

Or can select another combination, like only offline routing
or online + offline routing, depending if internet is available.

Everything is possible, like also completely offline route planning.
Depends on selected routing service(s), see offline routing guide.

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Well, thanks, you live and learn. Good to know.

Thanks for the suggested solutions.
I have searched in the offline routing guide, but that didn’t get me much further.
I tried all kinds of things but that didn’t get me any further.

Fortunately, I found a solution to the problem myself. I turned my smartphone into a hotspot so that I always have an internet connection.

Hallo Frank,

leider hast Du in Deinem ersten Beitrag nicht verraten was für ein Android-Gerät du verwendest.
Mit Offline-Karten und BRouter oder GraphHopper brauch man kein Internet.

Hello, Frank,

unfortunately you didn’t tell us in your first post what kind of Android device you use.
With offline maps and BRouter or GraphHopper you don’t need the internet.

Hello Luckytown.

I use a android GPS ( Fodsports motorcycle 5" GPS with android 6.0 )

Ok, dafür hatte ich mich auch interessiert, das hier https://www.fodsportsclub.com/product/8.html. Allerdings waren die Beiträge im V-Strom-Forum eher nicht positiv. Wenn Du Kurviger installieren konntest, denke ich das Google Play Store auf dem Gerät installiert ist? Wenn ja, müsstest Du den BRouter auch installieren können.

Ok, I was also interested in this, this one https://www.fodsportsclub.com/product/8.html. However, the contributions in the V-Strom-Forum were rather not positive. If you were able to install Kurviger, do I think Google Play Store is installed on the device? If so, you should be able to install the BRouter.

I am very satisfied with this GPS so far. It works very well and smoothly. The readability of the display in sunlight is also good.

Google play store is indeed installed.
I have just installed BRouter and am now downloading the maps.
When this is done, how will it proceed?
What do I have to do to make this work with Kurviger? ( Without needing an internet connection. )

Ok, meinst Du die Karten von Kurviger oder die Kartendaten vom BRouter? Wenn Du die Daten für Brouter runtergeladen hast, kannst Du in der Kurviger-App bei Einstellungen > Routenberechnung > entweder Kurviger/BRouter einstellen oder nur Brouter. Zum testen würde ich BRouter nehmen und mal eine Strecke berechnen. Denk aber dran das in der Standardkonfiguration nur schnelle Strecken berechnet werden.

Ok, do you mean the maps from Kurviger or the map data from BRouter? If you have downloaded the data for Brouter, you can set either Kurviger/BRouter or only Brouter in the Kurviger app under Settings > Route Calculation > either Kurviger/BRouter or only Brouter. For testing I would take BRouter and calculate a route. Remember that in the default configuration only fast routes are calculated.

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I already had the maps from Kurviger.
Now I have downloaded the maps from BRouter.
When I open BRouter I have to select a routing profile. Which profile should be chosen? There is no profile for motorcycle.

You wrote that I could choose between Kurviger online / BRouter offline or only BRouter offline in the Kurviger app. What is the difference ?
And is it not possible to choose curviest roads when using BRouter?

Sorry, I know these are a lot of questions.

Für Fragen ist das Forum da. :grinning: Schwierig ist es nur manchmal die Vor- und Nachteile einzelner Funktionen zu beschreiben. Kurviger/Brouter (Online/Offline) nutzt wenn vorhanden eine Datenverbindung, also zB über den Hotspot, BRouter (Offline) alleine brauch keine Datenverbindung. Ich nutze Kurviger(Online)/Brouter(Offline), die App prüft ob eine Datenverbindung vorhanden ist. Grundsätzlich muss kein neues Profil im BRouter ausgewählt werden, man muss nur die Kartendaten runterladen. Ich nutze das Profil moped.brf, was mit installiert wird, andere zum Beispiel kurvigere Profile müsste man selber schreiben. Wenn man die Routen am PC plant und rüber schiebt, brauch man Brouter/GrapHopper eigentlich nur für Umleitungen. Komplette Routenplanungen mach ich eher nicht da mir der kleine Bildschirm zu unkomfortabl ist. Ich hoffe der Text ist nicht zu verwirrend. :sweat_smile:

The forum is available for questions. :grinning: Sometimes it is difficult to describe the advantages and disadvantages of individual functions. Curved/Brouter (Online/Offline) uses a data connection if available, e.g. via the hotspot, BRouter (Offline) alone does not need a data connection. I use Kurviger(Online/Brouter(Offline), the app checks if a data connection is available. Basically no new profile has to be selected in the BRouter, you only have to download the map data. I use the profile moped.brf, which is installed with the app. Other profiles, for example more curvy ones, you would have to write yourself. If you plan the routes on your PC and move them over, you only need Brouter/GrapHopper for detours. I don’t do complete route planning because the small screen is too uncomfortable. I hope the text is not too confusing. sweat_smile: