Unable to buy Kurviger Pro in Google's Play Store

Hi all, I’m new to Kurviger and wanted to buy/install the Kurviger Pro app in Google’s Play Store, but on the Kurviger Pro page there’s no ‘BUY’ button. I’ve also tried tapping on the green bar with ‘€ 9,99’, but nothing happens either. (I do have enough money in my Play Store account.) How can I get the Kurviger Pro app on my phone?

(Apart from this, when I search the Kurviger Pro app in Google Play, I get al kind of route apps like tomtom, but not Kurviger. I had to look it up via the Kurviger.de website)

Best regards,

Google is responsible for its Google Play store and how it works.

Usually need to press the button with the price and proceed with the purchase.
Or contact Google support for more help with your device and the Google Play.

Thanks, devemux86. As it turns out, my Play Store app was outdated.