"UN"Show saved routes

I planned a multi-day route and saved all daily routes in a folder.
Right hand beside the Route is an option “Show saved route on map”.
I did for all days to see the total route.
However, now I am not able anymore to “unshow” the routes.
They remain visible, even when I load a completely different tour.

How can I "un"show these routes now again ???

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I can only strongly recommend to really try everything at Kurviger once yourself to get to know the functions.

In your case, go to the planning, to the right of the route name and the pen symbol, open the menu and then select the red entry, delete overlay. That’s it

Then we should say that it’s an overlay! For newbies it’s not easy to know that “show … on map” and “overlay” is the same.


I saw this option but since it says ‚Delete ROUTE/Overlay‘ I was hesitant to use it. Didn’t want to delete the route.
Thanks for clarification.

With “Delete Route/Overlay” you can unfortunately only delete the TOTAL overlay (containing all possibly added routes).

It would be great if you could hide SINGLE routes that you have added via the dropdown menu with “Show saved route on map” (or hopefully in the future “Show as overlay”).

For example simply with a menu item “Remove saved route from map” (or later “Remove overlay”)…

Fully agree.
In my world, the option to unshow overlay should be in the same menu as the ‚show‘.
In best case the option switches from ‚show‘ to ‚unshow‘ for each individual route.

Hopefully someone from development is reading here.

Of course, you can always make improvements to the UI and such comments are read.

But everyone perceives it differently and finding the best way there is not always easy.

Small note.

Loaded routes and overlays can be deleted separately from each other.

Yes, but several routes added as overlay one after the other are all part of the SAME overlay - which can be deleted as a whole, but not on a per-route basis.

Don’t get me wrong. Am not ‚beasty‘.
But I find it quite logic when you can switch on and off the same function in the same menu at the same point.
Would also solve the other aspect of removing overlay for all routes.
One route → one menu → switch on/off overlay.

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Sure :slight_smile:

Interesting idea, I have written this on our todo list, I just want to mention, that this is something a bit further down the road as we are planning on doing some bigger changes in that area and it would be counter-productive to add more features here before the bigger changes :slight_smile: