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Turning waypoints into shaping points

I asked this in another thread and maybe my question got lost: Is there a possibility to turn every waypoint into a shaping point? I know how to do it waypoint by waypoint but that is rather time consuming. In Basecamp you can mark all the waypoints of one route and turn the alarm off on every single point turning them into waypoints

As far as I know this is not possible on the website, although the rededication is relatively easy with one click on the waypoint number.
But in the APP routing/waypointlist you can change everything at once by pressing and holding the waypoint sign.

I thought of something else: you can also let GpxShaping change your .gpx file. All waypoints can be converted into shaping points and you can even have additional shaping points generated.
GpxShaping has quite extensive functions - these are described very well in the help function.
Here is an example for your problem:

  1. 27 Via Points in the original version
  2. by setting this parameter all Via Points (except start and finish) are converted into Shaping Points
  3. by specifying the intermediate points, GpxShaping generates additional shaping points

    As I said, the help function is very detailed.
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does not work here I still have the waypoints. I fiddled around with the options in this rather confusing piece of software does not work…

Meanwhile yes:

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Just a hint (I know this is the website discussion category :wink: ), that is also possible in the app :

Menu ¦ Routing ¦ Wegpunkte

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Crap! I have already changed the points of all my routes manually :see_no_evil: . I would have rather waited a while.

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