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Turn Instructions needed in HTML for our Excel Roadbook

(This is only a dummy post for creating the thread.)



With the old version of the website, it was very easy to copy and paste the roadbook data into my roadbook excel.

With the new version of the website, this is no longer possible, because the “turn-by-turn directions” are no longer formatted in HTML table format.

Importing as UTF-8 CSV is comparatively extremely costly; no one will do that, and thus my Excel roadbook would no longer be usable. :frowning:

Why is that? You can open the downloaded file in Excel / Spreadsheet Program and copy this into your roadbook template?

I found that copying the table was always quite a bit troublesome for long routes and easily created issues.

No, the direct opening of the CSV in EXCEL leads to cells like these:

#,“Dem Straßenverlauf von Auf der Unter folgen”,“0”,“0”,“0”,“0”
←,“Links abbiegen auf Auf der Unter”,“36”,“36”,“8”,“8”
←,“Links abbiegen auf Kleine Hohl”,“132”,“169”,“27”,“35”
â—¯2,“Im Kreisverkehr Ausfahrt 2 auf L 419 nehmen”,“231”,“400”,“46”,“81”
↑,“Dem Straßenverlauf von Kurmainzstraße, L 419 folgen”,“4968”,“5367”,“449”,“531”
↗,“Rechts halten”,“200”,“5568”,“8”,“539”

EVERY row above in ONE cell! :frowning: And wrong characters! :frowning:

This is because of the CSV-UTF-Format.

With the old version of the Website you could directly copy&paste the HTML table!!

This depends on how you open the file. You need to select “,” as separator and UTF-8 as text encoding, then it should work as expected. Unfortunately it seems everyone has different default settings and Excel seems to remember the last setting you used, so everyone has a different experience ;D

Yes, exactly, and exactly THIS makes it much more complicated compared to the “old version”, especially for inexperienced users who simply needed copy&paste so far.

Couldn’t you offer both - CSV AND the previous proven HTML table?

I have just tried it again: The way via de CSV import requires a whole series of intermediate steps and queries if the default settings do not fit, with which normal users are certainly overwhelmed.

And even then you end up with a separate Excel table, which must then be additionally imported into the roadbook table, which also requires Excel knowledge, while this was not necessary in the old version where you immediately had the finished roadbook.

Therefore, it remains unfortunately that with THIS version the Excel roadbook can practically no longer be used.

Sure this could be done. To be honest I am not a fan of this approach, but it’s certainly possible.

Can you elaborate? What exactly are these “intermediate steps and queries”? You just need to copy and paste once you have the import settings?

I know, @boldtrn does not like the HTML table. He knows why he is no friend of it.

But for the friends of a roadbook it’s a nice table. And for the Excel of @Uli_LH it’s a nice basic thing. The CSV file is more for specialists and offers more possibilities.

I would like too if both HTML table and CSV file would be available.

I know we had a discussion about this too @WalterG, I guess we will have to add this ugly HTML table again :smiley:

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Okeyyyy: :smiley:

New workflow:

  1. Save the CSV by giving it a place on your mass storage and a filename
  2. open a brand new excel sheet
  3. open there “Daten >> Daten abrufen >> aus Text/CSV”
  4. enter the filename of (1.)
  5. enter the correct “Trennzeichen” [Komma] and the correct “Dateiursprung” [UTF-8]
  6. enter “Laden”
  • Only now you have a (new) sheet with the needed information sorted by rows and columns
  1. open the offered Excel Roadbook file
  2. select the required cells of the new sheet (because the first row contains only the column headers and the columns to the right must not overwrite the Excel Roadbook sheeet) and copy them to the clipboaard
  3. switch to the Excel Roadbook sheet
  4. paste the content of the clipboard (into the correct cell).

Just compare this with the
previous workflow:

  1. Open the Excel Roadbook file
  2. select the content of the old pop up window with the “Abbiegehinweise” in Kurviger and copy it to the clipboaard
  3. switch to the Excel Roadbook sheet
  4. paste the content of the clipboard (into the correct cell).

Invoice follows … :laughing:

You could also just open the file instead of even downloading it :slight_smile:.

When selecting the text I often closed the dialog by mistake, or for very long routes it took very long to mark the text. That is one of the issues I had with this approach.

And work around the issue with the image markers. This worked relatively OK in Excel but was a complete mess in open/libre-office (at least when I use the software, might be my fault :smiley:)

Don’t get you.

When you download a file, some browsers ask you if you want to open the file straight away. Otherwise you can just open a .csv, no need to import it :slight_smile:

Ah, now I get you :wink: . -
Yes, but depends indeed on used browser (Chrome does not do, but opens the query for the storage location).
Therefore not a universal hint for all users.

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I see your points as well …

So it might be a really good idea to offer both.

Wenn ich den ganzen Beitrag lese, da bekomme ich wirklich die Krise

Ich habe diese Funktion noch nie genutzt!. Also, mein Grüner-Apfel-GPX als CSV gespeichert. Mit Exel versucht zu öffnen - Niente, Nada. Schon der Dialog von Excel zum Import fehlt.

Die Datei von CSV zu TXT umbenannt und siehe da, ich habe Dialog, kann UTF8 anwählen, Symbole, die Umlaute stimmen, Entfernung müssen formatiert werden.

Warum wird immer versucht den User als den Dummen hinzustellen? Siehe Export mit 100 WP im ITN-Format.

Und mal generell gefragt: Wäre es nicht geschickter solche Neuerungen nicht in die beginnende Urlaubssaison zu legen sondern in den Herbst zu verschieben?

When I read the whole post, I really get the crisis

I have never used this function!. So, saved my green apple GPX as a CSV. Tried to open with Exel - Niente, Nada. Already the dialog from Excel to import is missing.

Renamed the file from CSV to TXT and lo and behold, I have dialog, can select UTF8, symbols, the umlauts are correct, distance needs to be formatted.

Why is it always tried to make the user look like the stupid one? See export with 100 WP in ITN format.

And generally asked: Would it not be more clever to put such innovations not in the beginning vacation season but in the fall?

Ja gut, dann brauchst die Funktion ja auch nicht. Dann fehlt dir jetzt nichts und hat dir davor auch nichts gefehlt, dann ist doch alles super.

Feedback zum Redesign generell bitte im Entsprechenden Thread:

Doesn’t make it much easier: You still have to work through the conversion dialog - much more complicated than with direct copy&paste of the HTML table as described above.

But at least there is a dialog, something is happening in Excel. With the recommended CSV, however, nothing happens.

Aber immerhin kommt ein Dialog, tut sich was in Excel. Mit dem empfohlenen CSV aber rührt sich ja gar nichts

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Hier mal die Doku von Microsoft dazu: Importieren oder Exportieren von Textdateien (TXT oder CSV) - Excel