Turn instructions differs from calculated route

On my yesterdays tour I noticed that the calculated route and shown and spoken turn instructions are conflicting.
Please see picture

I´m using Android Kurviger Pro 1.12.4

(please provide route example links, so that everyone can test the report)

Navigation voice guidance uses the turn instructions from routing, so you can check routing first.

Please see the documentation, where there are many hints about incorrect instructions in routing.

Hi McTom,
in my opinion your waypoint 11 is a little too far to the right. It sticks out into the side street (a parking lot entrance) and you get the instruction “turn right”.
I checked it out here (http://kurv.gr/rTzLp).
You easily can see it at the little triangle in blue that should not be there if the waypoint sits correctly:


Daaamn well spotted @zaphod_42, like sherlock with a magnifying glass! :smiley:

Hint for everybody for the future: if you have a yellow bubble below your waypoint, that’s a big no-no. Because it means that the route “does something” below your waypoint


After waypoint types integration, the shaping points are those without instructions / yellow bubbles.

More details exist in the waypoint types feature topic:

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