Turn instruction markers (yellow dots) limited to certain number?

See here:

Reproducible in Firefox and Chrome.
Is there an upper limit to the yellow dots?
(I know that I should probably split this route up anyway, it’s so long, but still, just curious, maybe it’s a bug?)

Something is happening, if press the “more…” button in turn instructions list then the yellow dots are placed for the whole route.


Ah you mean in the app!? One sec I’ll check

No, in the website:

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Ahhh I see, yeah, funny, when I click that button, the yellow dots appear everywhere
And by the way they also remain then, even when you close the list

This is a safety check. Showing that many elements can slow down some browsers or weak computers significantly. On a modern powerful machine you won’t see any issues.

Usually you will only hit this for long to very long routes > 500-1000km.

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