Trouble to define and register sections profiles in app (pro)

Hello, I have the pro subscription app on my Android P20 phone. For about a month, I have not been able to define the section profiles in the options (fast, fast and curve, curvy, extra-curvy). Whenever I want to define the parameters of each type of section, all types of sections are modified by the last profile defined.
Is this a known issue? How to fix it?
Thanks for any help or direction to solved topic !

Please see the manual for how to set multiple route profiles:

Kurviger PRO: Navigation, Simulation, GPS Recording, Screen Lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

  • Long press on route segments
  • Long press on waypoints (end of segment)
  • Waypoints list (menu “Routing | Waypoints”)

The curviness is not meant to be a routing profile
The curviness is simply another choice to influence the route - similar as the different avoidances are.
You can imagine e.g. “extra curvy” as “avoid straight roads” ;-).

See also:

Thanks for your quick replies. Re-reading the manual, this is the way I’m setting the profile. My point is I’m believing it is (was) possible to register these differents route profiles… Hope these can be implemented later on !

What exactly is the question?
We need route example and detailed steps to understand and help or reproduce a report.

Different route profiles for segments on the route are already available (as premium feature).

There is only one additional request for the avoidances: