Transfer GPX files

Using the website on my laptop, I downloaded several gpx files to my download folder. Using the app on my Android phone, when I try to import a Route file, it shows only one gpx file. Why don’t my other gpx files show as available to be imported?

App file browser during import shows all files that have valid extensions: *.kurviger, *.gpx, …

Do those gpx files really exist in that folder and have the proper *.gpx extension?

I just created a short gpx file on the website and saved it. Then exported it, now shows in my download file on my laptop. I open Kurviger Pro on my Android, Import, Route, Download, and nothing is listed.

Have you transferred the file from the pc into the phone,
so that the app can find it?

See also the documentation for the various ways to transfer routes within Kurviger universe.

Apparently not. I thought the gpx file would show when I Import, Route, Download?

When you export a file on your pc, it remains there until you move it elsewhere, like in your phone.

That can be done via a cloud hosting service (Google Drive, Dropbox, …)
or via the other ways mentioned in documentation.

OK, think I’ve got it. I set up Dropbox on laptop & Android with a couple of gpx files in it, then was able to search for the gpx file and it loaded on the Kurviger app. Next to try it out on the bike. Thanks for your help!

If you stay inside the Kurviger universe I would recommend *.kurviger files instead of *.gpx.
*.kurviger files contain all routing settings and can be used offline.

With *.gpx you need to make sure that you use the same routing settings (in app and web), otherwise you might not get the exact same route.


OK, thanks for the info. I’ll try making a trip and saving as a Kurviger file.