Tracking doesn't work continuously

Since few week I’m observing many interruptions of the tracking. Ususally I use Tracking to know where I went really. So I know where I went really, even if I didi not follow navigation. The last tours I observed many interruptions. Function was not working properly.

Device: Samsung S7
Kurvger Pro-Version: 1.14.15

Any recommendations to improve the tracking
The uploaded file shows several cases of interrupted tracking.

20210314_205250.gpx (890.2 KB)

There are many options for the GPS logging filters in “Settings | GPS logging”.
(see also the documentation)

Which GPS logging filters have you set?
More strict filters can cause recording gaps.

You can also change the location service in “Settings | Location” between Android or Google
and see which one works better on your device.

Also are you sure that you had GPS signal at those areas?
If GPS sensor does not have signal, there can not be recording.

Are you sure your device / OEM allows applications to work properly in the background?

See here for more details and what to do:

Yes, I’m sur e it does. I use it since 2 years with this app and I got very good results at this time.
Since this year tracking shows these gaps.

And yes, we have usuallly GPS-signal here. I had not the Problem, that the navigation has shown the gaps. Just the recording of the tracks.

Actual filter settings are:

Zeitintervall: 2s
Mindestabstand: 4m
Minimale GPS-Genauigkeit: 4m
Mindestgeschwindigkeit: Aus

Do you always use these filters?

Can your device provide that GPS accuracy?
(the default setting is 50 m)

The documentation mentions:

“Note: especially when filtering for accuracy or speed, it can happen that parts of the track are missing, this is because in these parts the accuracy was worse than the minimal accuracy or the speed was lower. The accuracy of the GPS position will be worse when carrying the device in a pocket/bag, so it might be necessary to increase the accuracy for these cases.”

Don’t know. In the past it was as precise as it has shown on which side of teh street I drove.

GPS logging in the app has not changed.

But a GPS accuracy filter of 4 m is too aggressive to allow recording everywhere.
(if GPS cannot provide that accuracy)

Better to retry with the default settings:

  • Time interval: 5 s
  • Minimum distance: 10 m
  • GPS accuracy: 50 m
  • Minimum speed: off

What Android does your device have? Was it updated recently?
The OEM may introduced some aggressive app or GPS policy.

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