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Track snap to road and attach navigation instructions

The actual method by a simple track import has the tendency to place “waypoints” close to where the track changes direction. Such means that you often end up near the critical road junctions. Result is +/- similar as with other such applications. lnspection and repair is time-consuming, new design faster and more qualitative

Therefore this alternative using “distance tickmarks”. The chance that a tickmark shaping point will fall at a critical place is less, even when using relatively high tickmark shaping waypoint density which ensures a more faithful reproduction of the original without many manual corrections.

Demo function test.
Items in “Italic” are currently not available or must be created by external tools


  1. USE DECENT quality TRACKS. (Motorbiking traject)
  2. DISPLAY: Use the (red) track as visual helper template guide.
  3. CREATE: New (blue) navigation route by the imported track.

TO DO by user.

  • SELECT and import a simple track
  • SET: Select the best fit Router Profile.
  • SET: Snap to street AND Cleaning range.
    - HQ tracks:10m (little or no difference from the OSM road pattern)
    - LQ tracks: 20m (differ greatly from the OSM road pattern.
  • SET: Select a “Shaping tickmark” distance. (Kurviger waypoint limit = Max 200)
    - Long distance: 2.5 km
    - Medium distance: 1 km or 0.5 km
    - Short distance: 0.25 km


a. IMPORT: After track import, the app adds the temporary distance “Shaping tickmark” waypoints for the formation of the new navigation route.

b. SELECTION: Only “Shaping tickmarks” within the snap range of a street are to be promoted to be route references. Such prevents that “lost” unprecise located “Shaping tickmarks” are disturbing the primary route built.


  • After calculation delete “Shaping tickmarksthat have a nearby U-turn point in range.
  • Such triggers a recalculation with a more optimal result.

d. FINE TUNE CONTROL by USER: Manually correct minor traject deviations by using the (red) visual reference track template.

e. FINAL: Save and export without the many “Shaping tickmarks” as a Kurviger navigation file.

“Track snap to road and attach navigation instructions”
The Kurviger app has the potential to optimize this.

What is the topic’s subject, map matching?

Routing provides the turn instructions to navigation.

So this topic belongs to routing and how routing is calculated from import.

Snap to street distance limit in Kurviger, the actual value is unknown!

  • Precise HQ tracks allow small range value set for both “point snap to street” and “cleaning window”
  • Only “tickmark shaping points” that are snapped to a street participate in the routing process
    See an unprecise track and tickmark point with snap to street distance range set: 10m.
    Image: Track width shown: 20m.

This very unprecise located Shaping point :frowning: does not touch a street.
So should not be snapped and no part of the routing process.

Please do not edit multiple times the posts.
Edits have no notifications, so they are lost.

It is still not clear what is being discussed here.

Is it about routing after import a GPX track
or app’s “Settings | Navigation | Snap to route” option?

Routing after gpx track import.
Trackrecord source Wolfgang @ zaphod_42
I added 1km distance wpt’s by sym tickmark.
All operations by the Kurviger router.

File: 2020 Anfahrt_1km_wpt_tickmark.gpx (156.5 KB)

  1. Actual import method.
  • Select display: track.
  • Select calculate: track.
    Result: Disapointing. (zoom in)
  1. Alternative import method.
  • Select display: track
  • Select calculate: waypoints.

Change Via to Shaping Points.
Medium result: Find (3) false commands @ glitches.

Cleaning: Locate & remove harmfull tickmarks.
Not automatic ! Demo by manual actions only actually.
2020 Anfahrt_1km_tickmark_uncleaned.kurviger (48.7 KB)
In .kurviger file by text search (-98) find in instruction list.
This is the sign that generates the non directional U turn Icon !
Search u-turn(-98)

Kurviger U-turns

Locate the according tickmark Shaping Points in waypoint list.
Find the harmfull tickmark @ positions: 53, 86, 89
Delete the tickmarks in reverse order. (Keeps serial intact)
Result: No trackglitches, no false turn instructions.


  • By automic internal generated temporary distance tickmarks.
    (temporary = not shown in the finalised route).
  • Keep and show the original import track as useful display template.
  • Import and start up navigation, within one minute ready to go.

Compare with current track import method.

  • Current: Shaping points unevenly distributed across the track.
  • New: Shaping points spread evenly across the track.
  • Current: Annoying 180° U-turns not detected, harmful Shaping points remain.
  • New: Annoying 180° U-turns detected, harmful Shaping points removed.
  • Protect planned 180° U-turns by a Via Point.
    Automatic total fool-proof is not possible.
    Manual check left or right u-turns or strange detours.
    Compare with the imported track (red) stamp display.

Find some test by the Kurviger Pro app 1.14.13 in the attachments.

Track + instructions.zip (66.4 KB)
Test files demo.zip (55.0 KB)

Created a file with high density (1km) distance tickmark shaping waypoints.
Short_1km_ticks_import.gpx (59.6 KB)
Due to the high density, it is virtually harmless to remove a badly located one
But coincidentally the result here was also 100% u-turn error-free.
The resulting .kurviger file.
Short_ticks.kurviger (15.5 KB)
Disturbing anyway are the many Shaping Point map Icons.