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Track recording in tunnel

Hi there,
first, I really would like to thank for the brilliant app. It’s so easy to plan a route on the device and using it for navigation as no other solution I know by far.

I noticed one issue when riding in a tunnel. The app does keep last direction and speed to continue the track recording. Now if the tunnel follows a curve the track is far from real. Garmin and other try to keep the speed but follow the street instead.
Is that something you could implement as well?
Attached are two files where you see the result as an example.

Thanks for the kind words and the report.

GPS recording works with the real location reports from GPS sensor.
If the GPS does not report a location, then there is nothing to record.

Or could mix artificial locations in the recorded ones,
but that can lead to unreal locations in the recording.

Like use the Kalman filter’s locations instead of GPS.
Or something else. But everywhere along the route.