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Tourlink causes weird behavior


I planed a route using several waypoints and generated the link for sharing via website (https://kurv.gr/s7KZn). Opening the link doesn’t show the planned route, but inititiates a download in the itn-format (5.xx), see attachment, which contains nearly the planned route in Routeconverter. When reimported to the kurviger website, there is a totally different (new calculated) route shown from start to end and furthermore my waypoints as kind of favorites. These points wont be used for the route calculation. The behavior seems to be quite weird, specially as I got two well calculated routelinks some minutes before. Thanks for tipps in advance!
Podelwitz, Colditz - Bo í Dar (Sn hulák), Gottesgab.itn (2.4 KB)

Did you use the “Share link” or the “Generate link to file”?

OK, mayby this was my mistake, thank you!

Even if it works for you now, please still post the solution here so that future readers can find the hint :slight_smile:

As devemux86 sais, probably I chose “Generate link to file” instead of “Share link” , so I got what I chose. Not solved is the impossibility of re-import of the *.itn - file, which finally led to the loss of the complete route, but I think this is not a core feature.
sc JL