Tourer Profile works with one computer but not with another

yesterday I subscribed to the tourer profile on your website. On one computer everything works fine with windows 10 and Chrome.
On the other Computer also with windows 10 and Chrome there is still “become a tourer” on my profile after I logged in with Google. No restrictions in Chrome. I switched to Edge…the same.
On the second computer also I am not able so save the routes I created. I can share and download them but not save them in the cloud.
What could be the problem?

Many thanks in advance…

and to those who didn’t recognize it yet…English is not my native language :innocent:

This sounds like you can’t connect to the database. The database stores your routes and your subscription data.

Are you using any script blocker, ad blocker, etc.?

You need to able to connect to in order to communicate with the database. So if this URL is blocked in your browser, you can’t use the database.

it is actually the internet access. The same computer works in one LAN fine in another it is not able to connect with the database. So the URL is blocked in the LAN not in the browser…

Oh wow, that is unexpected. Do you know more details about the network where you can’t access the database?

Some ideas that come to my mind are:

  • There are some routers that have an adblocker included in the router software.
  • Some routers are set up to connect through a VPN.

Maybe there is an issue like this?