Tourer Plus for IOS only Beta Version

Hi everyone, i booked yesterday on my Iphone the Tourer Plus Abo and was a little bit surprised, that it is still a Beta Version, but i remember, that their was an Information on the Website, that during the Beta Period the Tourer Plus is free of charge.
So i was a little bit confused, that after my booking, i received a confirmation mail with the following : if you don’t cancel your booking within 7 days (trial period), you have to pay 29,99€.
Does anybody could explain me, what is right. Free use during the Beta Period or not ?
Thanks a lot

You probably bought on the website the just nomal license and not in the App Store. What is fine so far, as with this you have full options for planning on the website and also all features for the Android app. But more or less not necessary for now. You might want to keep it or cancel subscription. When ios gets stable, you need to buy it anyway.

As the IOS version is still in beta, you must install the Apple testflight, and in testflight the ios app.

Follow the instructions in the first post.


Thanks a lot Toffel

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