Tourer+ Not recognized on PC, App ist OK

Dear all,

On my Smartphone I’m using Tourer+ , on my PC it shows me just Tourer.
i prefer to Work with my Google Account, but the other one would be OK as well. Any advice?

Kind Regards,

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Device: samsung - SM-A515F - Android: 13 - WebView: 124.0.6367.123
App-Version: 3.3.2 - 2938
Screen: 384 x 854 px - 2.8125dppx

Moin Harald,
benutzt du auf dem PC das gleiche Kurviger-Konto wie auf dem Smartphone ?

Sorry, I must have missed your post. Does the issue still exist?

If yes, this very much sounds like you might have two different accounts?

We can’t merge accounts, but we should be able to help if you signed up for two different subscriptions.