Tour von Finnland zurück nach Deutschland

Now that I have planned a tour along the demakation line from Germany to Finland / Norway, I would like to plan a quick route back. The fastest route would of course be via Sweden, but that is not possible due to the current situation (Corona). I would like to take the ferry back via Helsinki - Lübeck but I can do what I want, it is not possible to plan via Kurviger, why not?
I can plan all possible ferries with Kurviger, just not with the above.
I would be happy if someone could take care of this problem.
Greetings Jörg

Why not split the tour (to Helsinki and from Lübeck)? :roll_eyes:
During the sea voyage the captain takes over the navigation anyway. :ship: :wink: :grinning:

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Probably there is an issue with this ferry in OSM, for example have a look here for more details:

I personally would also recommend to split the route at this point.

Anyway, I found a tagging issue on the Lübeck side. This should fix the issue hopefully. If it does not work after 14 days, please let us know again.

I thank you for the answers.
The idea of sharing sounds good at first, but it looks like there are several ferry docks in Helsinki, which one do I have to go to? That’s why I wanted to create the route directly.
If I plan the route from Germany to Finland, the ferry via Tallinn and Helsinki also works automatically.
Greetings Jörg