Topspeed Limit


I have 2 question regarding the top speed limit.

Are the “Top Speed Limits” included in the offline maps?

Would it possible to implement the “Top Speed Limit - Feature” (which is included in Kurviger 2.X) in Kurviger 1 too?

Would this also enable the TopSpeed Limit for offline maps?

Speed limits are provided in the calculated routes by the routing service.

“The app Kurviger Pro (version 1.x) is maintained with its previous features until further notice. It can only be used and updated by its current users. New features will not be added in Kurviger Pro (1.x) but only in Kurviger (version 2).”


So, if I understand this correct.

It is possible to have speedlimit with offline maps, but only in Kurviger 2.X

Offline maps are not related to the calculated routes.

Routes and their data (such as speed limits) are provided by routing services.

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Alright, thanks for the explanation