Time to say hello

Hi, I am Spoony from Augsburg, OpenStreetMap contributor since 10 years and Vespa GTS 300 rider since 3 months.

I found Kurviger when I searched for the possibility to plan a tour on my PC and transfer it to my iPhone for navigation without having to use additional software. The combination “Kurviger and Scenic app” is not perfect but it is the best solution I have found. And also the only one. ;o)
The fact that Kurviger is based on OpenStreetMap is fine because it gives me the possibility to directly correct mapping errors and to participate from my own effort.



Hi Spoony,

welcome to the community, it’s great to have an OpenStreetMap contributor in our community :slight_smile:.

Nice Vespa! I hope you will have many great rides with and and Kurviger :).


My 2 cents…

I switched to Android (now using Cat S41) just because of the Kurviger app.
My mobile device usage is concentrated mainly on navigation.
Now, I can plan routes and navigate w/o doing anything on a PC.
This is a great feature and it is not really available elsewhere in
this quality (at least not for the moto-bike affinados).
Ideally, the app would be available on iphone as well but I’d rather see excellent Android app (or Iphone) then a mediocre multi-platform one.
I find the combination of an mobile phone/tablet + Kurviger app hard to
beat. There is no dedicated navigation unit that I know which is better IMO.
As a former Iphone user I did try the combination (Scenic + Kurviger) but
it is not that convenient for me. If you are nailed down on an Iphone, there is no alternative. But if you can “switch over” to Android, things become far more sexy.
The only downsize is that Android is like a whiteboard. Anything you put
there is immediately visible to anybody (IOW security is miserable) but if
you just need it for navigation, then it does not really matter.
Having said all that… Welcome to the Club :smiley:
Now we I know whom to ask when it comes to OSM contribution!

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