Time to say goodby ... (to my old navigation device)

It’s an older Moto G (3rd Gen.) which is actually waterproof (there are Youtube videos existing where poeple completely dive it under water without getting damaged). But with the mount I use it would be even possible to fit the phone into an additional (zip) bag while driving in heavy rain.

I have to admit that most of the times I’m riding in dry weather. But it seems to be Ok, even in rain (depends on the mounting position and angle). You should keep in mind that even TomTom uses touchscreen technology in their current motorcycle navigation devices.

I still use my old Garmin power cable (was for a Zumo 220) which is connected inside my bike. At the (new) USB-connector for my smartphone I added a small elastic ring (similar like Garmin does with it’s connector cables). If used in heavy rain with an additional bag, the power cable comes out at the lower side of the bag, which is Ok.

In recent times I use special gloves (Digi Montana) which are capable of operating touchscreens. Some smartphones have a special “glove mode” in which you can even operate them with regular gloves (but it rises the risk for “ghost inputs” if driving in rain). I additionally attached a small touchpen at my bar to be able to operate the display (only if standing still of course). All in all it’s absolutely Ok. Especially if you’re getting used not to operate the phone while driving (which is much more saver for your health of course).