There was an error while saving

I am on a trip and after 3 days of recording I decided to finish my ride and send it to cloud. I get the error “There was an error while saving” and “Finish and discard recording”. Is there anyway I can save this?

Do you have an active internet connection when you try to save the route? Have you tried restarting the app / phone? Unless you discard the recording, it won’t be deleted.

I am currently not aware of a general issue when storing a recording. You might also want to check our latest update 3.3.4 if this helps with that.

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I have internet. I have tried with both wifi and cellular, separately and together. This is by far the longest track on the new Kurviger I’ve tried to save. I’ve stopped and restarted many times. I’m on 3.3.3 and will try 3.3.4.

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