The routing files in my Garmin Zumo 660

what is the different between route and overlay.
I found a “temp.gpx” file on my Garmin Zumo 660 in the directory “gpx”. I found also there the file “current.gpx”. I opened this gpx files in kurviger and saw the marks route and overlay.

I want to save a lot of routes in gpx from kurviger in my navi. May I delete the files temp.gpx and current.gpx in my Garmin? What will save in this files?

Can I also delete the files on my memory card in my Garmin? What is the name for that in Garmin’s file directory? I need space for all new files/routes.

Thanks for your help!!

Hi Bernd,

  • Overlay is a view on the map, how the imported track originally looked.
  • Route is what Kurviger has calculated. Turn by turn instructions are derived from the route.

See also
Fragen zum GPX-Import
and the documentation




there is an excellent collection (PDF) of hints and tips for the Zumo 660 in
You can find there the purpose of several files and also hints to free memory space.
I recommend to delete the 3D map and the junction view.




Files in the Garmin GPX folder of the appliance, Archive, Current and Temp you can delete

They are automatically recreated after disconnecting the appliance

Archive = Track logs above the number of 10,000 points are stored here

Current = The routes in ’ custom routes ’

Temp = library on the appliance (660 max. 20 routes)

Tracks/routes on the SD card in the mapGarmin/GPX, this can be more than100 and can be removed in both explorer and Basecamp

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