The online maps load too slowly when planning

Hello everybody, for about three month there is the following problem: I use the Mozilla Firefox (latest version) for using The login works. But the online maps load too slowly (very very slowly!) while planning my motorcycle tours. Does anyone have an idea about my problem? So I need for planning a normal tour about 250 kilometers round about 1 hour. That’s not normal. It used to be faster. Thanks and have a merry x-mas. Mario

Das Verhalten konnte ich auch feststellen. Massive Performance-Probleme beim Kartenaufbau nach jedem neuen Wegpunkt.

Which map are you using?

The maps Kurviger Liberty and Kurviger OSM are served from our own servers and should load fast.

If you are using other map styles, it is possible that the map is slow.

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Hi - I am using the Kurviger Liberty since I know Unfortunatly I can not find a solution from my side. Any ideas on your part? Thx. Best Mario

I am using the kurviger liberty maps. Every insert of a waypoint or shaping point results in a long recalculation of the route and zooming takes also very long till the map is loaded again.

I encounter the same problem.
I cleared the cache and it seemed to improve but the next day it was very slow again when moving the map or zooming.
Even without having favorites activated or any routes, just the map.

Interesting, thanks for reporting this issue. Could you share more information about the browser you are using?

One possibility is, that if you are using a high resolution and density screens (4k+), the map might be a bit slower.

Are other maps slow as well or is it only Kurviger Liberty?

Firefox Browser. Other maps are even a bit quicker. No big screen, notebook with just HD resolution.

Can confirm. Firefox, on a M1 Macbook, 2560 × 1440 resolution, and it seems to be specifically the Liberty maps that load quite slow, generally takes 1-2 seconds to draw the map whenever you zoom or move the view. Liberty dark is quick, as are the OSM maps, but I like the look of the liberty map best.

Thanks for the feedback.

This is very odd, “Kurviger Liberty”, “Kurviger Liberty Dark”, and “Kurviger OSM” are all served from the same infrastructure, so they should be comparable when it comes to performance/speed.

Just to make sure, is there a difference when you use incognito mode or a different browser?

Chromium was fast.

I just went in and killed alllll the kurviger cookies. Logged back in, it scared me for a second when all my routes seemed to be gone, but another reload had them back. Phew.

That does seem to have sped things back up a lot.

I just checked it again - I used all your informations - only with firefox I stayed ;-). And lo and behold: “Kurviger Liberty” map loads as fast as before. I haven’t changed anything else in the hard- or software. So I do not know what you did :-), but thanks for that :-). If the problem occurs again I’ll be happy to contact you here again in the forum. - to everyone in this forum: happy new year and accident-free driving :crossed_fingers: :+1: :call_me_hand:

Thanks for reporting back. Please let me know if this happens again :+1:

gelöst, wer lesen kann…
Ich stelle seit heute das gleiche Verhalten auf der Webseite fest. Habe bei meinem Bedienverhalten nichts geändert, Karte von kurviger kleine Runde, keine 150km, 4 Wegpunkte. Der rechnet sich zu Tode…

Wie hier irgendwo beschrieben: Ausloggen, Cookies löschen, läuft wie erwartet.
Obwohl mich das warum ich immer diesen Löschkram machen muss schon ärgert…

delete all the super duper (curvy :smile: ) cookies…

Also mich interessiert das tatsächlich auch. Vielleicht kannst du ja bei der Lösung des Problems mithelfen. Verwendest du auch Firefox? Was genau hast du denn genau gelöscht? Nur die Cookies?

Also ist das Problem nur bei der Routenberechnung und nicht bei der Karte bei dir aufgetreten?

Hi boldtrn, I now use Firefox ‘private window’ while planning with Here Firefox deletes the entered search terms and visited websites automaticly after closing the browser. So I don’t have to clear the browser cache myself. The last 25h :wink: everything’s ok loading the maps. Best Mario.K

Thanks for the feedback. Kurviger should work without having to use private windows, manual cache clearing, etc. - so if this happens we should really check why. I mostly use Chrome but test regularly with Firefox and haven’t seen any issues so far, so it would be interesting when and how this issue appears.

Only using firefox under linux on two devices. The problem appears viewing all the maps and calculating a trip…
After deleting the cookies all works like expected.

So this also happens when you are not using Kurviger Liberty or Kurviger OSM?

Does it happen on all zoom levels, or do you need to zoom in at least to a certain degree?

How did you exactly delete the cookies?

Screenshot 2023-01-09 at 10.02.25

Did you check both boxes? Or did you use a different way to clear cookies?

i have the same problem as most others here.
Kurviger Tourer is since about 3 month very slowly when updating the map.
I used firefox version 100…108 64bit on Win10
tried all map-types, there is no difference.
no change when deleting cookies and cache,
I don’t have to calculate the track, only changing the zoomlevel freezes the screen for minutes.
my internet-coennection is fast, i use standard hd-resolution, google maps updates the same map with no visible delay.