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The language thing


Hi all,

Let’s have this debate please. Isn’t it long past time to just operate this forum in English? The complaints have popped up in several threads now and I think we’re scaring off BOTH sides at the moment a bit. The Germans are unsure and the others are annoyed. I think we should make a decision and I think it should be to remove the German banner at the top, to translate all thread titles by hand and to not post in both languages anymore, even “official announcements” like the supermoto winter fun thread. It was fun in a small Google group but like every company aiming for growth we should have an “eye on the market” …



Südharzer an Bord

Thanks for the idea :). This would be preferable, but not possible. There was a long debate before we created the new forum. We also looked at many other comparable forums out there - most approaches simply don’t work.

There are some alternatives to the current approach, none of which are better IMHO:

  • Seperate Forums
  • Seperate Categories, one in German, one in English
  • Tag the language of every post

The tag approach is the only I would consider a doable approach, but would require users tag all their posts or the admins to apply the tags. Also I am not entirely sure how much benefit this will offer.

Please feel free to post ideas on how we can improve the language thing, but I fear, posting just in one language is not an alternative.



Well if you say it was debated and rejected then I’ll take that as the Admin decision and move on. Not liking it, but alright.

Would you be open to sharing your/our user statistics? How many people are already coming in from non-DE? Is the share growing?

I think for now I’ll just answer all the questions in English and see if there’s any pushback from the Germans. Hope that’s ok



I’m the app author & administrator and communicate in English. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone can use any language, Google Translate is one tab away.

An issue is that cannot search easily in forum in foreign languages.



Es ist ein kurviger.DE Forum, also sollte Deutsch die Hauptsprache sein.

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Copying @boldtrn’s answer from old forum:

"Kurviger is a world-wide project and to make it easier for everyone to communicate it is preferred to write in English.
I understand that many people don’t feel comfortable writing English. So any other language is accepted as well :)."



The international share is growing, the majority is still German :slight_smile:.

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Sorry aber da kann ich dir in keinster Weise zustimmen, der Domain-Name ist doch ziemlich arbiträr, das hat meistens nichts mit der Intention des Produktes oder des Herstellers zu tun (bedenke nur mal die ganzen Podcast/Musik-Seiten, die eine .fm Domain haben und nichts mit Mikronesien zu tun haben).

Wichtig ist wo das Produkt hin soll, welchen Markt es erreichen soll. Kurviger ist international und der Developer (der hier fleißigst Hand an den Support legt :clap::clap: @devemux86) spricht und sucht Englisch.
Aber ich kann mit Gemischtbetrieb leben, ist jetzt eben erstmal so. Ich will ja auch wirklich dass Kurviger floriert, muss mir jetzt auch selbst merken einfach weiter offen und freundlich zu bleiben, nicht beleidigt zu sein und zweisprachig zu supporten
solang bis Robin sich eines Besseren besinnt :wink: