Testing usage

Last saturday I started for 1 week with my BMW doing all alps pass between Montecarlo and Trieste. I got the occasioni ti extensively test kurviger, i have pro profile, app on Android (unfirtunately doesn’t exist for iPhone).

Good things:

  • app really fast
  • great follow street adapting in the right way
  • with appropriate settings kurviger allora me ti Discover beautiful hidden street
  • Easy ti modify map on the way

Bad things

  • if I modify a map I cannot save on my kurviger Cloud
  • if there Is not internet connectivity I can’t modify a map even if all map for Europe are downloaded
  • loosing GPS often
  • doesn’t show any poi even if all are Sele Ted ti show
  • doesn’t report autovelox

That’s for now Will test It till Friday and let you know