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Temporary route modif to next gas station

I know the list of new features is never ending…
During my last long distance trip, I found a Sygic feature very useful.
Re-fueling myself or the machine, by inserting a temporary deviation to the next coffee shop and/or next gas station, w/out having to manually modify the rest of the route.
Sygic offers during navigation a search function for limited nearby POIs as gas stations and coffee shops and offers inserting them into the current route as from the actual position.

That should be possible already see our faq here: https://docs.kurviger.de/app/faq/finding_pois

Is that your described feature or are you asking something else?

WRT to the doc, “Not really”, what I’m looking for, for the following reasons:
We like rural roads (do we?), where gas stations are sparse. Mobile screens are tiny and difficult to manipulate on the road. Often several POIs are combined into a summary button (3 lines). During Nav on small roads, speed is low and zoom doesn’t show much surroundings. All that makes it very inconvenient, but not impossible, off course.
However, in Sygic, while in mode Navigation, things are much easier, a 4 click exercise:
1: search, 2 station icon (among Restaurant and Parking), 3 click on station you want (they are sorted by distance), 4 add to route, - done. And BTW, Sygic shows you the gas prices and from the name of the station, e.g. a big supermarket you can guess, if it is a small country side expensive station (which may have disappeared in the mean time, or being closed on Sundays) , or a big station 24/7, which is probably not so important in Germany, but in other countries, like France, where I’m living. Also the fact that they are sorted by distance allows you to manage your “last drops”, or according to your reserve a station more far away, may be cheaper or with a coffee shop attached.
Best Regards

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How do you know if the POI is “ahead” on your route, or if you have to ride “backwards”, because you have already “passed” that POI?

View of gas stations in Kurviger app

Zoom to the one you like, long press on one, and add as waypoint.

in dense areas, as you show in the screenshot, there’s usually no issue, but this is an intern. APP and in central France, North-Spain or Greece, it’s much different!
Obviously an additional “show on map” would make it perfect, but I didn’t want to ask for too much and when your reserve warning light is lit already since 30 Km, you don’t care, in what direction the nearest gas station is.

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As you can see in @linux-user screenshot above, the app shows roughly an area of 20x40km and still showing fuel stations. Depending on your screen resolution, you might be able to even show a bigger area. On my device I can show roughly a 30x60km rectangle and still see the fuel stations. You will have to select the fuel station map layer.

Adding an option to show POIs along the route (like the fuel station) have been discussed for example here: Extended search function for Food and Fuel

That’s probably what you are asking?

Hi, in sygic there is no real need to insert a temporary deviation: I’ve got my gas stations poi shown on the screen: they are on my route and also show the distance to the gas station. The table can be collapsed when not needed (when you just filed up )

In your screenshot I see 2 speed cams and a bed, but I can’t see any gas stations.

The panel indicates that in 2.6km there should be a gas station, but what does this mean?

  • is it 100m left of the route (in 2.6km)?
  • is it 200m right of the route (in2,6km)?
  • is it exactly on the route (in 2.6km)?
  • is it 2.6km away from you current position.

As mentioned elsewhere:

Kurviger’s online search does not support POI search along route paths.
It can only do online search inside a bounding box.

I planned to improve and integrate the offline POI search of Cruiser.

But Google’s (forced) scoped storage breaks that implementation too.
(but we have better security!)

So something else needs to be done in the future…

It is to my recollection on the route, in 2.6 km.
The gas stations pop up like the speed cams when their location is visible on the screen

And you really need a signal for that, even though you’re driving right alongside it? :woozy_face:

Yes. It is the distance to the gas stations before you can see them which is important. Once decided which one we will take, it helps to see the pop up.
Seems difficult for you to understand which means my explanation is not good enough. Sorry about that :confused: