Tasker support (plugin)

I very often inform interested persons about the time of arrival to the destination. I do this so that no one waits too long, or that the dinner does not get cold, or the beer gets cold, or just to find the door open…

For this purpose, I use Tasker, which sends an SMS with the distance/time of arrival to the destination. It’s quite simple and effective using the AutoInput plugin, but it has the disadvantage that depending on the data displayed in panel: time/distance of the destination or viapoint. Additionally, it complicates that displayed time can be ETA or ETE. I know I can do it manually, but I am a fan of automation, besides, I am often in a situation where I send such an SMS out of the road after reaching a certain point (thanks to AutoLocation plugin).

That’s why I have a request for a proper Tasker (and other automation apps) plugin, of course not free. I imagine that variables containing the ETE, ETA times and distance to the destination and the viapoint(s) could be returned - that is, everything that can be displayed in the panels.

Perhaps it is not a difficult job (but of course I can be wrong!), but Kurviger would be the only navigation I know with such functionality!

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Thanks for the suggestion.

It seems interesting, but currently not a priority with the existing work in the app.

Of course, that’s understandable. It would only be nice if you had this in mind. Maybe you’ll be tinkering with Tasker in the future :wink:

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