Tag <SYM> in GPX file evaluated by kurviger?

I want to build a custom GPX file with waypoints and import this as overlay in the web version.

I understood that the GPX syntax defines a tag called for waypoints (), allowing to define the symbol and color how waypoints should be shown. I tried to set this value, but kurviger imports the waypoints always as blue circlre with a white dot inside.

Is there a way to change the color and even the symbol or are these values currently ignored by kurviger or did I misunderstand semething with the GPX syntax?

The GPX schema has several tags in wpt type, but if / how they’re processed depends on the client, if it allows alternative symbols, etc.
Currently the website and the app use predefined waypoint symbols.

This is an interesting feature that we could support in the future. Do you know if there is any standard syntax to do this? I did some research, for example here: Add my own POI (Waypoints)

Some technical aspects to consider:

  • Colors in gpx: client needs to be able to produce colorized symbols instead of predefined ones.

  • Symbols in gpx: if they are not attached to gpx file, how client would find / use them?

I don’t know, I am the dumb user, you are the smart coder :grin:

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I found this website which describes the gpx syntax:

The help for tag states:
Text of GPS symbol name. For interchange with other programs, use the exact spelling of the symbol as displayed on the GPS. If the GPS abbreviates words, spell them out

On another website where you can import a GPX file into Google maps, you were able to select a color (eg red) and symbol (eg triangle) for waypoints to be displayed on the map.

So I don’t see any standard definition, but using something like speaking color names like blue, green… and forms like triangle, circle or square might be common.

BTW, my idea was to create an overlay map with all mountain passes in one color eg blue, the ones I passed should be in a different colors based on describing how I personal liked them. This way I have an easy way to plan my next tour. I did this with Google maps before, but I thought it would be better to do it directly in kurviger instead. While planning my next route I can easily determine which mountain i did yet not pass and find the ones I liked the most.


Thanks for providing this use case, this sounds indeed interesting.

Yes this was my impression as well. Thanks for providing some more details here.

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There are 2 people developing the 2 Kurviger platforms,
not a large team like in other apps, so we manage our resources carefully.

That’s why so many features are available at such a low price.

Like many nice to have ideas.
Would need first support in the 2 platforms for custom colors / symbols:
(low priority when there are more important features to implement first)