System requirements apple ios

Hi, sorry I could’t find it anywhere else in this forum.
Which ios version is minimum to run resp. kurviger App (Navigation) on an ipad-mini?
THX, Ertay

Aktuell sind die Mindestanforderungen iOS 13. Analog zu Android versuchen wir auch bei iOS die Anforderungen so niedrig wie möglich zu halten, es kann aber sein, dass wir die Anforderungen über die Zeit anheben müssen.

Ok, many thanks.
So, it won’t run on an ipad-mini 3 which is limited to 12.5.7
However, this is good to know. I will update my hardware, because kurviger is the best app for my needs. Please keep on developing! Ertay

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Thanks for the kind feedback. If you are getting Kurviger only hardware, it might be cheaper to get an Android device, if you want to get a new iPad anyway, go ahead :slight_smile:

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I am currently planing my trips on desktop with kurviger and on my bike I navigate with an ipad mini3 and Google Maps. Since Google Maps changed their design it unfortunatly lost many of its practicability. So for the future I will use a newer ipad and navigate with kurviger👍.