Symbols for blockage reasons and forcing unnamed roads

Hi folks,

when I have set no filter in route options, not even restricting gravel roads, how can I force Kurviger to use that tiny dotted line roads?


see wp1… Kurviger doesn’t want to use it, it guides over the french border via D35a instead of using the tiny unnamed road which is even not a gravel road but asphaltic.

Also sometimes Kurviger also rejects to use temporary stoppages, but it is not visually shown why this happens. Is it possible to show why Kurviger avoids a road temporarily, for example by symbol for road construction zone or Snow symbol for temporarily closed alpine passes?

Also if there is a forbidden transit and I know it is possible to use it with a motorbike, how can I force Kurviger to use that road anyway?

even if I use graphhopper, I can force to use it:

But not in Kurviger. What’s the reason for this?

Kannst Du bitte mal das Stück als Route verlinken?
Can you please link the piece as a route?

Hornbach - Mauschbach.kurviger (2.8 KB)

Das wird nichts werden Punkt 2(mein Punkt 2) ist als highway=track eingetragen, bedeutet ein Wirtschaftsweg , der u. a. hauptsächlich für die Land- oder Forstwirtschaft genutzt wird.
Du kannst es mit dem Brouter und dem Profil “enduro” versuchen App: Offline routing (BRouter). Oder Du fährst ohne Routing da lang.
That won’t work Point 2 (my point 2) is registered as highway=track, meaning a road, which is mainly used for agriculture or forestry.
You can try it with the Brouter and the profile “enduro” App: Offline routing (BRouter). Or you can go there without routing.

Offline mit brouter “trekking” Profil einstellen, und mit dem Fadenkreuz genügend Zwischenpunkte setzen…

Was mich auf die Idee bringt kurviger als Fahrradnavi zutesten. Danke Wolf. :slight_smile:
Which brings me to the idea more curvy than bicycle navigation systems. Thanks Wolf. :slight_smile:

:wink: Bitte sehr!

@Tom if you know this road and know that it is allowed to be accessed by motor_vehicles, then you can add access=yes in OSM. Looking at Mapillary, it seems like this is correctly tagged as track, but it’s hard to guess from the image: