Switch to other map if complete route not on selected map


I just clicked on PC on a kurviger shortlink for a route in Thailand https://kurv.gr/ne0Ai and was wondering why I could not see any map - just a grey background.

The reason was, that I tried the “Top Plus for Germany and Europe” map in a former session, this seems to be saved in a cookie or somewehere else. So that was definitely my fault - nevertheless it took me some time to find out :frowning:

Perhaps it would be a good improvement to switch to a map with valid data for the route region, if last selected map has no valid data for that region …



Top Plus only offers high zoom levels in Germany and its surrounding countries. In Europe zoom levels are still pretty good. Outside of Europe the zoom levels are extremely limited. Unfortunately, this map provider doesn’t offer a nice way to show that there is no map data available. For example if you switch to Esri Satellite and zoom in to Thailand, at some point it will show that there is no map data available, so it’s easier to understand what’s happening. Maybe this can be improved by the provider at some point.

Update: Ich habe den Anbieter mal kurz kontaktiert, mal sehen ob sich da was ergibt.

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