Switch off waypoint announcements

Planning trips often requires setting waypoints just for the sake of forcing the route onto certain roads. Apart from that the waypoint has no further meaning. Announcing these waypoints is useless and getting old pretty quickly during a trip after the third or forth “waypoint X in 1000 meters”…

So the question is this: Is there a way to switch off waypoint announcements? If so, i didn’t see it yet and would be glad for a pointer. If not, would it be something to consider for an upcoming version of the App?



There is the option to include or not the waypoints in instructions in “Settings | Routing | Waypoints in instructions” (default off).

Apart from that the waypoint has no further meaning.

It depends, not all are shaping waypoints, many users set them at POI and announcement is needed.

More work in waypoints will come when we introduce their types in:


This option is off in my case, but the waypoints are still audibly announced for some reason.

Sure, I was only referring to my use-case of setting waypoints to force a route. There are of course valid use-cases requiring announcements.



Voice announcements come from turn instructions, as they’re calculated from routing.
Can check route turn instructions via menu “Routing | Turn instructions” list dialog.

Can you post an example with a route calculated after set the option off, to see its instructions list?
And what exactly announcement hear before the waypoint?

Note that waypoint instructions have yellow nodes under waypoints, when the option is on.

This may take some time. I took a day trip with a rented bike in the Cote d’Azur hills when I noticed the problem and it will be a few days until returning home and being able to test this further.

I switched to turn instructions at 1000m and 300m and that was what I got (in german):
“waypoint X in 1000m”
"waypoint X in 300m’
“waypoint X”

Maybe I misunderstand what you’re saying, but I don’t see any yellow color in the turn instructions, even with waypoint printing on.


As cannot reproduce that, please double check if option “Settings | Routing | Waypoints in instructions” is indeed on or off before calculate a route. :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean on map view, there is a yellow circle at each turn instruction.
Need to enable them in “Settings | Routing | Turn instruction nodes”.
See image in our documentation.

If waypoint instructions are enabled, the waypoints have yellow circles too.

As mentioned all that can be seen also in instructions list (menu “Routing | Turn instructions”).

And could be tested in home too, calculating random routes and turn options on or off.

Ok, I’ll check this again when I’m home and have access to my own motor bike :slight_smile: I’ll report back.


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Oh, wait. Any chance this only occurs when setting the waypoints like this:

  • Add via point
  • Move via point to the road the routing should be forced to

I started using this method because it seemed pretty comfortable.

However, I checked my route again and my waypoints don’t have yellow circlesLavandou2.kurviger (21.9 KB)


No, the waypoint instructions depend only if their option is enabled or not in settings.
Then they can appear in both turn instructions list and voice guidance simultaneously.

This option is not available in the current version (1.13.3) of the app and I am getting waypoints notifications again. How do I shut this off now?

With waypoint types feature, now there are 2 types of waypoints:

Shaping points are any position along a route that will not alert you when you arrive.

Can use shaping points or change via points to shaping points to avoid instructions.