Suggestion: the possibility to make/name your Favorites folder

Maybe for the To-Do list:
the possibility to create your own POI categories and give them names, for your Favorites.

I’m transferring my Basecamp POI’s which I have collected over the years to Kurviger. It would be of great help when I could make new POI categories and give them my own names.

The current Favorites folders are ok, but I need more POI categories and would like own special names so I could find them back easily.

Keep up the good work :+1:

Thanks for the suggestion. Currently that’s not planned, but could be added in the future.

Are there any categories you miss on Kurviger and think we should add for everyone? That would be the easier approach.

I’m afraid not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
My categories consist of WO2 POI’s for different countries, HD dealers, addresses, POI’s for future road trips etc.

Grtz, Ernst

Maybe “scenic road” :thinking:
This could be for road segments you wish to integrate into your route.
See Planung einzelner Streckenabschnitte in Kurviger - #2 by boldtrn

Yes something like this is a nice idea.

What you could do in the meantime is to either have them in separate folders or to introduce tags like “WO2 - [Name]”, if you search for WO2, all WO2 points will be shown.

Yes I’ve got already different folders with all sorts of POI’s.

The reason I asked is because of the different icons, shown on the map for the different categories. As I type this I realize that my question also means a user must be able to designate a custom icon… :flushed:. Just forget my question :sweat_smile:

Yes, this will be a bit more tricky. That said, while we could provide something like 100 icons and users could choose which icon. they want to use etc. - I am not sure if it’s worth all the trouble, but let’s keep the discussion open, if enough people need this, we can always rethink again. Also if you need categories let me know, it’s relatively easy to add new categories (if they are sensible).