Suggestion: route options between waypoints


Not sure if this the right place to add this suggestion, but here goes…

One thing I keep missing when trying to plan longer routes, is the possibility to set route options between way points and not only for the entire route.

For example:
I need to plan a route from Denmark to Schwerin in Germany, and I would like to include motorway or main roads for a part of the tour but far from all of it.
If I deselect motorway/main roads in order to find good curvy small roads or the other way round then I find it tricky to make a good overall tour.
EDIT: Could it be done for example by setting route options for way point collections 1-5, 5-8, 8-15, 15-n?

Is it possible to make a route from other smaller routes, that have been made and then “merge” them together into a single route?

Best regards,

Thanks for the proposal.

Different routing profiles within one route are currently not supported.

But there is open a feature topic, so we plan to see it in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the fast response.

Would it be tricky to implement merging of routes?
Pretty much like selecting several maps to open, you would select (sub-)route files in order.

Kurviger would then connect the subroutes.
End point of route 1 would be automatically connected to start point of route 2 using the active route settings… End of to start of 3… Etc. Etc.

Routes can have too many options (besides profiles), so it’s not straightforward.
So it’s more related or after the multiple routing profiles within one route feature.

Currently the one active route can have one profile and specific routing options.

But you can change it anytime while driving. Unfortunatly we can’t simulate it because simulation begins always at “Start”. I tested it in “real life” - see:

If mean the navigation simulation, can start simulation anywhere on route via :rewind: :fast_forward: buttons.