Suggestion: prevent "set end" if a route is already loaded

Coming fom 1.14.23: Route not found - #12 by ramondevic

You want to create a new route.
You chose your destination and click “set as end”

If you have a route already open (maybe from a previous trip) your previous end point will be replaced, and the rest of your old route will be included.
This can lead to unexpected routes.

Prevent “set as end” if there exists already an andpoint.
Maybe by geying out this menu point.
If you really want to change the destination of your route there are other possibilities than silently repacing it.
You can either move the destination, or you can extend route

This will complicate the route planning. It works like the website.

Set start / end instead of moving existing start / end is faster.

There are no unexpected routes, as they are created by the users.

Regarding 1.14.23: Route not found - #12 by ramondevic,
we should not expect the software to make :coffee: :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it happend to me in the past.
“set end” and I was surprised of the resulting route. :hushed:
Oh, there was still an old route loaded.:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Hmm, I am still searching for a practical example.
Usually I don’t change the end of an existing route.
If so, it is usually a new route, and other waypoints may not fit either.

What do others think?

I would like to keep it as it is, change the destination if I want to. It never happens by accident that I change the destination of the current route. If so then it happens willingly.

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In these cases you could use the history feature to go back to the last route? Same for the website, where you can just click on the back button in the browser.

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History does not help when you want to create a new route.
The solution is to delete the old route first.

When you spontaniosly plan a new route in the app, it is not always obvious that a previous route exists.
If you don’t remember that there is still an old route in memory the resulting route may be different than you expect.

Anyway not a big deal.

History in the app (browsers) exists for this purpose.

Making an unwanted route (url) change?
:arrow_left: step back in history

When app starts, history contains the loaded route.

Dear all, I am new in this forum. I hope I can contribute.

I give this thread a “plus 1” from my experience, but would propose another possible solution than to prevent some functionality.

It is not obvious that the app has a route loaded when you want to create a new route (at least I found nothing). To ensure to create a new route, I “trained” myself to start the app, go over the menu and delete a possibly existing route and this way I assume the history is deleted as well. Not needed anymore.

Question / suggestion:
Would it be possible to give some visual hint on the screen, when a route is loaded?
For example:

  • Hide the button for route calculation? If there is no route, pressing the button just leads to the message “No route available”. In this case I would not miss the button, but I know, there is no route and vice versa.
  • Or the button gets a different color?
  • Other visual hint to avoid these steps possible?

So not really an issue, but would make the usage much more comfortable.

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Welcome to Kurviger!

There are already ways to see if a route exists:

  • Menu “Routing | History”
  • Or zoom out the map

Indeed, this what I am doing, when I want to create a new route.

You mean the navigation button.

Maybe it could be “greyed out” if no route is loaded. :thinking:
Greying out seems to be the standard way to indicate that something is currently not available.