Suggestion: personal Blacklist (Road Avoiding)

Straight to the Point:

The possibility to Blacklist/Exclude a Street, or part of it, so it is not eligable for the Routing calculation.

Does it Exist?:
I am aware there are a few options, like disregard smallest Streets etc…, and I am glad for those options. However if a Road is paved and big enough it rightfully gets considered in the Routing, but in the end it may have Street damage or just a plethora of bumps which make it impossible to ride or enjoy. Or like another user, wo wants to avoid Neighborhoods has to set waypoints every time. If he just Blacklisted this part of the Map the problem would be solved for him as well.

-> Mistakes in OSM that lead to unridable parts, can be dealt with, or if its not a Mistake in OSM (like different Road Tags in different Countries) it can be fixed by the user on his Device

-> One can avoid an ongoing Road maintenance, and delete the Blacklist reference when the work is done

-> Time saved not having to set Waypoints around the issues

-> Not to mention the Person would have to remember all the issues or set Points of interest just for it, look them up and then modify the already calculated Route bit by bit

-> Encourage Exploration, because circumventing an issue with a set of waypoints only works well, if you only come and go from the same direction. But by Excluding bad parts, you iterate yourself to a state of a formidable Ride/Route, discover different Roads, and so on.

-> By itself it also solves the issue of temporary Bans, like Motorcycles on Weekends, which is not included in OSM. Same for Roads that are closed for Motorcycles above 95db in Tirol, etc…

-> personal Preferences of Road behaviour can individually be considered by each person himself, while its impossible to please everyone by options alone

How to implement?:
I have no insight how easy or difficult it would be to program this “local blacklist”. But I hope i can help. If you call the Data of OSM before calculating, you might be able to either set the Tag of the Blacklisted parts as blocked/unusable, or maybe disregard or “delete” those roads from the dataset. If the Road does not exist for the Algorithm, it cant be used.
Or as Post processing, first calculate the Route, and then check if the Result is overlapping with any of the Blacklist areas. If yes, it gets treated like a circumvention.

P.S.: Thanks for Kurviger Pro and I am quite happy with the App and the typical Calculations. I like it alot, and use it just as much.

Have a nice day,


Thanks for the suggestion.

That feature is in our program for the future:

That is not what I meant. Beeing able to avoid construction sites would be a byproduct of the “personal Blacklist”. Dont get me wrong, its nice that the Webfunction has that checkbox.

What I am talking about is the possibilty, to ban a certain part of a Road from the Routing. Independant of OSM. Let it be a perfectly accessible, paved, and non constructed upon Road, but I still would want to be able to Block the Road (just for me) on my device from beeing considered.

In other Words: create for me personally, only on my device, lets say an artificial Roadblock (as Tag). No matter what OSM says about the road, or if its accessible or not. Via that tag the Road is banned from beeing used for the route.

For example: I know this Road between 2 cities to be really awefull to ride on a motorcycle

But it is kurvy, and accessible, and therfore most of the time used, and often times even prioritised. I dont want to ride there though. Setting Waypoints around it is ofc possible, but I would have to remember all the bad spots to dodge I ever encountered for the future.
Really amazing would be an automatic list (that is over time build up by the user), avoiding all the bad Roads listed and excluding them.

Just a bit wishfull thinking =). Thanks and have a good weekend.
Let me know if my intention is unclear.


What could be done and planned in above topics
is to support custom block areas defined by users.

e.g. see how BRouter web client supports no-go areas