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Suggestion: Michelin maps in Kurviger


i’ve been using Kurviger (pro) for 2 years now and i think it rocks. I use it mostly to create a route, typically the night before. I then push the route to the satnav (via gpx, and otg cable)

Allthough i like Mapilion maps, i do like the Michelin maps better. Especially their ‘green highlight’ for intersting roads.

Tyre/Myroute does have Michelin available as a map

Is it possible that Kurviger gets support for Michelin too? This is particulary useful for the mobile app since i don’t usually take my laptop with me on trips.


Thanks for the interesting suggestion.

Michelin mapping seems to be raster images (not vector maps) and not free?

I don’t know about pricing, but even it’s not free, neither is Kurviger Pro :wink:

As for raster images vs vector: i don’t know what they use. But i also don’t care, because the only thing i’m interested in is how Michelin displays maps and marks interesting/scenic routes.