Suggestion, from Italy to France

Hi there!
In mid-July I’ll travel from Croatia to France. I’ll spend night in Fossano or Cuneo, and next day I am going toward Avignon. So… I am interested which is the most scenic pass to drive? If more than one pass could be included to such trip, even better! :wink:

Any suggestion is appreciated! Thnx!

Oh wow do you have a nice trip in front of you, I am very jealous.
Ok let’s do some planning, the default Kurviger super curvy route looks like this:

Which is already a very good starting point. But if you have a bit more time I would suggest tweaking like this:

In this option, you give up a little bit of height and “alpine feeling” with fewer huge passes. But you go throug the Gorges du Daluis at Point 1, which is an absolute must-see. Spectacular road through insane geography, red stone walls, looks MUCH better in real life than even on Google Streetview. Then you come through Castellane at Point 3 (you can decide to go more east at Point 2, through Demandolx → La Lagne, but I found that road a little too narrow, with some gravel lying around here and there) which is one of the cutest towns in the whole Provence, beautiful old town center, spectacular church on a rock, good food and drinks.

All this and we’re not even at the highlight of the trip :smiley: You’re going the right direction for the Verdon cliff (it’s a one-way road most of the way, approximately from point 4 onwards), which is Top#1 recommendation you will every hear from anybody who has been in that region

If you have Kurviger Tourer you can also set the route to follow the highway once you are back in the more populated areas, like so:

Have fun


Hello Toma
I was in these area some years before.(I put a story with pictures here “10day Alp trip”)
There are many places you can could see on these way…
I would recommence the Col de la Bonette (highest pass) and than heading south in direction Guillaumes.There are red canyons and you feel like on the Gand Canyon. Also on the way is the Col de Allos. Most likely it will take a lot of you time but if you don´t fear long rides it will bring you a lot joy.
best regards




Hey toma, which route did you end up taking?

A bit late probably, but last may I tool the Samson pass / Basse di Sanson. A small portion is unpaved, but nothing technical and could even be done with a racing bike. Lovely small road and stunning views.

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