Suggestion: Enter route name when sharing link

After opening a file or an kurviger link, the app keeps the route name in mind to use it when saving or sharing after doing modifications :+1: .

But that name is kept a long time - even if you close the app and open it again next day.
This leads to the effect, that some shared links in the forum have names which are not useful. Example: My link in

I had opened a short link some days before which showed a problem / question in / near Münster. When I opened the app to create a short link I did not remember - I just set start and destination and shared the route - so its name is “Münster”, although it is in Munich :thinking:

Therefore I propose that the app should ask for the route name when creating a link - of course the input field should be filled with the saved name, so that it can be confirmed with one tap, if it is still valid.

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Route names are not used inside the app (there are exported file names).

It would be simpler to remove them instead of complicating the app functions.

Perhaps I used a wrong term: The exported file name is entered in route name of exported GPX, so I called it “route name”, but I think we are talking about the same name.
Embedding the name in the shortlink is a very valuable feature, I think it should not be removed.

One example:
If I send 3 route shortlinks to a friend (e.g. via whatsapp), he can open the shortlinks in the app on his device, press “export” and he directly gets the name embedded in the short link as proposal for filename :+1:
So usually the 3 routes will not be mixed up.

So from my point of view having misleading names in the shortlink now and then (in the forum or elsewhere) is acceptable to get the benefits of names in shortlinks - my proposal to enter names during sharing was just an idea, without knowing the effort.

Export actions just need to suggest the common “DATE_TIME.extension” schema,
which appears anyway in all app exports (there can be no mix up).

Users can change the file name during export. It is the simplest implementation.