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Suggestion: Display speed limits in follow mode as well

So far, in follow mode (which I use frequently and very much), the speed is displayed if desired.

But for the speed limits this choice does not exist so far (right, or?).

How about adding this?

Bisher wird im Folgemodus (den ich häufig und sehr gerne verwende) auf Wunsch die Geschwindigkeit angezeigt.

Für die Tempolimits gibt es diese Wahl aber bisher nicht (richtig, oder?)

Wie wäre es, dies zu ergänzen?

  • Speed is provided by the GPS sensor
  • Speed limits are provided by the calculated route

In follow mode, the map simply follows the user’s movement.
The displayed data (speed, altitude) come from GPS sensor.

There is no route processing, for this you should use navigation.

I see - very sad … :frowning:

Anyway: Thx 4 quick reply!! :slight_smile:

If offline routing data contain such information (speed limits, street names, etc.),
a possible implementation would not depend on the calculated route data.

Unfortunately BRouter does not contain such information
and GraphHopper (which has them) does not work with Android scoped storage.

That was my hope - but I was prepared to further difficulties - as usual … :wink:

Having good ideas is always much easier than to realize than … or at least most of the time … :smiley: