Suddenly no tourer+ account anymore

Hey, i have Tourer+ voor almost 2 years, last paid 7 sept 2023 but last weekend my kurvinger account was a free account out of nowhere. i log in and out several times but nothing chanced. After a struggle of 20 min my account was tourer, but i’m used to the navigation which i don’t have right now.

also when i wanted to posted on this forum i couldn’t log in with my account from my app, i had to create a new one (with the same mail addres). can someone help me, next payment is 7 sept but i need it the 31 aug

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Weird, this should not happen, sorry for the troubles. Could you please check the following:

  • Go to:
  • Do you see your Kurviger Tourer Plus subscription as active there?
  • If yes, go to manage and pause, and then unpause the subscription.
  • Restart the Kurviger app or check on the Kurviger website in your account if the subscription is shown correctly.

Please don’t sign up for a new subscription if you have an active subscription.

The forum login is independent from your login to the Kurviger cloud.

Kurviger Tourer Plus subscription is active, but there is no button to pauze / unpauze when i go to manage (zie screenshot)

I manually enabled your subscription again, please let me know if everything works as expected now.